What Are The Types Of Loft Conversions You Can Choose From?

loft conversions

Loft conversions are unique to the project, but there are certainly examples. For instance, there is the Velux conversion, and this is a loft where you would have access to a main window that takes up much space on the wall facing frontward. This type of loft conversion in London doesn't call for many roof adjustments to be made, which is certainly a good thing when you're talking project costs.


What other types of loft conversions available in Lonodn? There is what's called the dormer loft conversion as well. Don't do much to the roof, and you're essentially going to have an A-Frame house structure to your walls on both sides. If you go with a dormer loft conversion, you can count on one of your side walls being flat. As you can imagine, however, roof alterations have to be made, and that can cost you extra money. Our loft team have done simmilar job for Ian's house.


Hip to gable loft conversions are also quite popular. These types of conversions are about minimising the space that has been lost. Then there is the Mansard loft conversion. These types of conversions are kind of like the dormer loft conversion, yet there are some differences. 


When planing a loft conversion to any structure, it's important to understand roof types. You're going to want to involve and engineer so that the proper blueprint can be drawn up for your loft conversion. The plans are essential, and you have many types of loft conversions to choose from. 

There Are multiple choice of loft conversions in london. Proficiency can help you to make an inform decision about which loft conversion would be best for your property and your budget.


Talk with a contractor about your roof and how you plan to convert space into a loft within your home. Maximise that space, and then you can start coming up with creative plans for using the loft. Maybe you already have a good plan, and you just need to come up with a good blueprint for it and know the total costs for your project.